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【3x3.EXE PREMIER 2020】プレーヤーエントリー受付開始!/PLAYERS ENTRIES OPEN!



3x3.EXE PREMIER 2020シーズンプレーヤーエントリー受付開始!
(2)リーグが承認する3x3の大会(3x3.EXE TOURNAMENT、FIBA承認3x3大会等)における成績上位者



3x3.EXE PREMIER 2020 season Players Entries OPEN!
【Qualification】Players who are at least 16 years old and older (Any Nationality Welcome) at the start of the season, and who have cleared one or more of the following conditions set by the league.
(1)The players who played at PREMIER league within the last 3 years(Including TR players)
(2)The players who achieved top results in 3x3 tournaments approved by the league.
Example)3x3.EXE TOURNAMENT(Japan)、FIBA endorsed 3x3 competition
(3)The Players have belonged to professional foreign or Japanese team within 5 years.
(4)The players recommended by the PREMIER league.

【Deadline】 December 31th 2019, 11:59pm in Japan time
【Application destination】
【2020 Season】From May to September 2020(TBA)

※ We will contact you at a later date after examine whether (or not) an applicant meets the qualifications.
※If you have any questions, please contact ⇒