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One of my goal for this coming season is to win the 2020 3x3.EXE Premier League in Tokyo! / Karl Noyer


◤#3 Karl Noyer
New Zealand|North Island Conferences SWISH.EXE
PREMIER 2019 season/2points shot No.1
PREMIER 2019 season/Knockout shot No.1

-When did you play basketball and 3x3 basketball?
I played basketball when I was 8. I just wanted to give another sport ago and never looked back! I first started playing 3x3 at the World Championships in Russia 2014. This is where I actually first met team Japan and they were great.

-Your basketball experiences and career when you are in school?
I played for the top team at School and also played for my University. My accomplishments from university are really passing and doing a postgraduate diploma. I am not really all that academic so university was hard for me.

-What is the attractive point of 3x3?
Fast paced, high intensity game that is a sprint to 21 points. It is a different and more challenging game of basketball due to its physical and fast nature. One of my best memories from 3x3 is coming 3rd at last years 3x3.exe premier final with 3 players.

-What is your weekday job? and how did you get that job?
I am the General Manager/Co-Founder of the Swish Factory. I decided to start the Swish Factory to provide a dedicated basketball facility for trainings as well as competitions for anyone in NZ. Hardest thing about starting Swish Factory was getting everything set up and ready to go. And making sure things were right as well as marketing the business. On the other hand, my happiest thing of my job is having it up and running and having my own training facility it has always been a dream of mine! Please take a look our website and always welcome to have you here:
SWISH FACTORY*のGM兼共同創設者です。ニュージーランドの誰もがトレーニングも大会もできるバスケットボール施設を提供するために創業しました。スタートするにあたって一番大変だったのは、すべてを一から準備すること、他のビジネス同様にすべてが正しく行われているかを確認することでした。しかし一方、この仕事で最も幸せなことは、SWISH FACTORYを立ち上げて運営し、夢だった自分のトレーニング施設を持てたことです!ぜひウェブサイトをご覧になっていらしてください。大歓迎します。(

-What is your motivation of work and play 3x3?
I love playing the game of 3x3 Basketball and love traveling the world to play in tournaments. Fans from around the world are great and it is awesome to play in front of them. Therefore, one of my goal for this coming season is to do better than last year and win the 2020 3x3.EXE Premier League in Tokyo!