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Balance is important to keep both basketball and acting/ Khunnarong Pratesrat


◤#34 Khunnarong Pratesrat



-When did you play basketball and why you decided to play?
I started playing basketball when I was 14. Just began with me playing after school every single day and eventually, I wanted to start playing in games with my friends. I worked hard to make the school team at Samakee Wittayakhon School in Chiang Rai and I did! After that, I tried out for a bigger school in Bangkok at Satriwittaya 2. That led to me making it to the youth team for a big club in Thailand, Hitech Basketball Club, so then I transferred to Assumption Thonburi college. That’s where I studied at played at until I graduated and now, I’m playing at Bangkok University.
始めたのは14歳です。毎日放課後にただ遊んでいただけなのですが、最終的には友人たちと試合をやりたくなりました。チェンライ(タイ最北端の県)にあるサーマキーウィタヤーコム高校では、チームに入るため一生懸命取り組み、実現させました。その後、バンコクにあるサトリウィッタヤ高校という大きな学校に挑戦しました。それがきっかけでタイのビッグクラブであるハイテクバスケットボールクラブ(Hitech Basketball Club)のユースチームに入ることができ、その後アサンプション大学トンブリ―高校に編入し、卒業までそこでプレーしました。今はバンコク大学でプレーしています。

-What is the attractive point of 3x3?
I really like 3x3. It’s fun and I get to meet a lot of my friends. We get to battle it out with our skills and sometimes you even get to make new friends!

-What is your weekday job? and how did you get that job?

I started my acting career in the 12th grade. My basketball coach at that time, Mana Jantuma, was actually the one who suggested that I tried out casting. And I went! But I wasn’t good at all because I was shy. After that, I started going to acting school and kept on learning until I was got better. The obstacles I had were that I was a slow learner and that I had never done anything like this before, but I had fun with it and I always tried the hardest. I might be a slow learner, but if I like something, I’ll keep on doing it.
And I’ve always loved playing basketball, too. I’m even on a basketball scholarship at Bangkok University. That’s why I’ve always been able to play basketball and work as an actor as well. But I always have to balance out between both the work and the play because I love doing it both, basketball and acting.
俳優の仕事を始めたのは12年生(高校3年生)の時です。実は、当時の私のバスケットボールコーチ(Mana Jantumaコーチ)が演技に挑戦することを勧められて行ってみたのですが、人見知りで全然ダメでした。。その後演劇教室に通い上達まで学び続けました。学習が遅いことと、今までしたことのない経験で苦労しましたが、楽しくていつも全力でやっていました。私は学習が遅いかもしれませんが、好きなことは継続してできると思っています。

-What is your goal in business and 3x3 PREMIER player?

For my work, I want to make it as a great actor, a convincing actor. As for basketball, I just want to be able to do as much to be able to help the team out. I just want to really enjoy the game, have fun with it, give everything I got with my friends. But just having fun with it.