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Always challenging myself, meet the people from different background/ Lee Chih, Chang 


Lee Chih, Chang 



When did you play basketball and why you decided to play?
There was a high school behind my house, the basketball court of the high school was our playground. I felt like playing basketball is cool. When I was 5th grade in the elementary school, all the basketball lovers were attracted by a popular Japanese comic “Slam Dunk”. Therefore, every young boy hit the court on the weekends then. 
I was diagnosed with mild depression due to the work pressure, and it would become depression if it was getting more serious. Even more, I felt playing basketball is not happy anymore, I did lose myself in my own world.Now, basketball makes me feel released, either playing in the games or chatting with teammates. When I focus on the court, games sent me free. Always challenging myself, meet the people from different background, enjoy participating every game with different teammate.

Your basketball experiences and career when you are in school?
There was no school basketball team in my high school, we just hit on the court after school. I didn’t join any school team until my second year of university. When I passed the qualification test, then, I played UBA (University Basketball association) division 2 for a year. For the third year of university, I quitted the team, due to the class time overlapping with the training time. This fantastic year taught me what is a real competition, I learned a lot at that time.

―What is the attractive point of 3x3?
I learned my basketball skill from the street, I always want to play with those older and stronger than me. I do enjoy the sense of achievement. 

―What is your weekday job? and how did you get that job?
I got my master degree in Taiwan Literature. Currently working as a planner at NANI BOOK ENTERPRISE, I am mainly in charge of high school Chinese subject, and my work is to plan books such as textbooks, reference books, and marketing planning. Compared with simply staying in the office, we have many opportunities to interact with the consumer. I can use what I have learned to interact with the teachers, which is actually quite interesting.
台湾文学の修士号を取得し、今はNANI BOOK ENTERPRISEでプランナーとして働いていて、メインは高校の中国語科目を担当しています。教科書や参考書のような書籍の企画と、マーケティングを行っています。オフィスにいる仕事というよりは、消費者と接する機会が多いですね。学んだことを活かして教師の方々と接するので、とても楽しいです。

―What is the craziest thing you have done for basketball?
I feel that the decision to participate in this league should have been crazy recently. I am 32 years old already and I have children. Playing a huge league with others in an amateur role is crazy as well. It was actually I played basketball everywhere and experiencing different styles of game on various courses. Taipei, Taoyuan, Taichung, Changhua, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Yilan, Hualien almost every county in Taiwan.

How do you balance well between work, family and basketball?
I am very grateful to my wife. From the beginning of college till now, I spent lot of time to follow those 3x3 games and travel to everywhere. Now, we have a baby, she also took care of our daughter very well. And, we continuously went to every 3x3 game, traveling with our little daughter.

What expectation do you have about season of this year?
Last year, 2019 FIBA3X3 Kaohsiung challenger gave us a great impact. Having the chance to challenge higher level, we never let it go. Taiwan is a small island with different basketball cultures everywhere, thus, being able to communicate with foreign players on behalf of Taiwan is what we most expect.
昨年の2019 FIBA 3x3 高雄チャレンジャーには強烈なインパクトを受けました。より高いレベルに挑戦するチャンスを決して手放しません。台湾は至る所に異なるバスケットボール文化のある小さな島です。そのため、台湾の代表として外交の選手とコミュニケーションが取れることは、我々が最も期待していることです。

What are the characteristics of your team this time?
We expanded mainly based on the members of the FIBA3X3 Kaohsiung Challenger last year, all of whom have played the new rule of FIBA3x3. For FIBA 3X3, shooting ability is a very important. Each of our teammate has excellent shooting ability, regardless of the perimeter shot or the three-point shot.
私たちのチームは昨年の2019 FIBA 3x3 高雄チャレンジャーのメンバーが中心で、全選手がFIBA3x3の新ルールでプレーした経験を持ちます。各選手がペイントエリアや2ポイントにかかわらず、素晴らしいシューティング能力を持っています。