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Owner Interview|TOKYO CRAYON.EXE


―What is the difference between 5on5 and 3x3? 
Speed. 3x3 is the fastest basketball sport in the world. 3x3 is a 10-minute sprint.  While 5on5 is a more of a marathon.  

Why you choose 3x3 to play?
I was looking for something different for my basketball career.  I had played 5×5 for 20 years of my life.  Playing in dark, half empty, low energy gyms after college did not interest me anymore.  I stumbled across 3x3 in 2016 on SNS, and saw a style of basketball that really excited me.  Also, when I saw the venues the games were being played in, I thought, that it was something I really wanted to experience before I finished my basketball career.

―Why you decided to be owner of CRAYON.EXE? 
I joined Crayon as a player in 2017.  I was still learning about many things with 3x3 and Japan at the time.  In 2020, the former Crayon Owner & Founder (Yoshi Someha) said that he loved Crayon, but couldn’t take on the responsibility of owning Crayon in the same capacity as years past.  My awesome teammate, Ryan Tana and I, put together a plan to take over Crayon as Co-Owners.  We believed in ourselves to build a successful team and organization.  We decided we wanted to do whatever it takes to keep Crayon alive. Both for our fans and for basketball dreams.

―What is t
he most important thing in team management?
Hard work and building Relationships. Everything can be accomplished through hard work.  We are always thinking what we can do to make the best situation for our team.  Even in difficult times like during COVID-19, we can use this time to build and grow our website,, create new merchandise, and plan future events. 

―Tell us about origin of the team name, CRAYON.EXE?
Crayon started as a group of friends who came from different countries, backgrounds, and cultures – many different colors…. Like a box of Crayons!!  This pillar of diversity has been continuous as the Crayon community has grown more and more. We pride ourselves in being the most diverse basketball team in 3x3.EXE PREMIER, with present and past players representing Japan, United States, India, and the Philippines.  Crayon also has a heavy emphasis on youth development through the game of basketball. Just like crayons that foster artistic creativity with children, Crayon players actively host basketball clinics for young students of the game.

―What are the characteristics of teams and players?
Our team is a pre-dominantly foreign team, with most players being born in the USA.  We want to create a very positive image for foreign players living in Japan. If children come to a 3x3 game, it might be the first time they ever get to meet an athlete from the United States or another country.  We want it to be an awesome experience that they will never forget.  We are a very positive, fan friendly team, that is also ultra-competitive on the court with aspirations to win a 3x3.exe Championship and compete on the FIBA World Tour as well.

―What is your goal as a team owner?
Ryan and I want to grow Crayon as much as possible in Japan and also worldwide.  We’ve began creating new Crayon Merchandise shipping it worldwide.  We want to create a team that fans, friends, and family can be proud of.  A team always represents the 3x3.EXE PREMIER well, showing great basketball play and sportsmanship.  Most of all, we want to create unforgettable memories with team members and fans that we will all cherish for the rest of our lives!

―What is your goal as a player?

As a player my goal is to improve myself daily in hopes to win a 3x3.exe Championship and also get on the FIBA World Tour.  I want to travel the world as much as possible playing basketball. 

What is the benefit of belonging 3x3.EXE PREMIER league?
The 3x3.EXE league provides Crayon the opportunity to compete in one of the best 3x3 leagues in the World.  The organization, competition and professionalism of the league is top notch.  And we also get a chance to earn qualification spots to FIBA World Tour events.

―How do you think the 3x3.EXE PREMIER has grown through the years? 
The league has definitely improved each year I have participated.  The venues are becoming bigger and more intense. The fans have increased and become more passionate, the growth of the number of teams, not just in Japan but all over the globe (Korea, New Zealand, Thailand etc.) has been amazing to see.  And the overall level of competition from players coming all of the world to play in 3X3.EXE is amazing to see.  I’m really excited to see 3x3.EXE keep expanding and becoming more popular.

―Do you think 3x3 is becoming more popular in Japan, Asia, and USA?
Yes, 100%.  Of course it was disappointing to see the Olympics get postponed in 2020, with 3x3 ready to make its debut. But it’s been amazing to see the growth of the game since I’ve started playing in Japan, I think with the right infrastructure and organization and prize money, the game will see a lot of growth in the USA this decade. 

―Message to your fan
We are working very hard to create a great season for Crayon Fans.  We are planning many events and unique experiences for people who want to support Crayon.  Please check out Crayon on SNS and for more information.  We look forward to seeing you this season!!!  

◤◤Team information◢◢
Hometown:Minato-ku, Tokyo
Team owner:Spencer Jennings

We focus on winning as ONE team no matter what nationality or language, and be the global team inspires  young athletes through performance and teamwork.