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The Choice at the crossroads of my life leads to the success now. /Pak​ Wachabundit


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-When did you play basketball and why did you dicided to play?

My house was near a college of teacher education in Rajabhat Nakhonsawan University. I started playing when a senior of mine who was a son of one of the teachers started playing basketball. Whatever sport he was learning about at that time, he would play a lot. Whatever he was playing at the time, I just played along with him a lot, too.Actually, my dad is a coach – but a football coach. I think he was pretty good, too, having won the Thailand Cup and the National Games. Several national team players like Witoon Kijmongkolsak, Sanoh Longsawant, Natee Thonsukkaew, my dad coached them all. So I think  my dad kind of wanted me to play football too, but there was just so much pressure and I played basketball instead (laughs).
私の家は大学(ラジャブハット・ナコンサワン大学教育学部)の近くにあり、そこの教授の息子だった先輩がバスケットボールを始めたのがきっかけです。当時彼がどんなスポーツを始めたとしても、彼はたくさん練習したと思います。そして私も、彼のやっていることであれば何でも一緒に練習していたと思いますよ。実は私の父はサッカーの指導者だったんですが、タイFAカップや国際大会で勝利する等素晴らしい指導者でした。Witoon Kijmongkolsak, Sanoh Longsawant, Natee Thonsukkaew等のタイ代表選手たちも父が指導しました。父は私にもサッカーをしてほしかったと思いますが、ものすごいプレッシャーだったので代わりにバスケットボールをしたんです。(笑)

-Tell us about your basketball experiences and career when you are in school?
In high school with Nakhonsawan School, we actually were champions in our district and we made it to the nationals, but that’s as far as we went. Heading into college, I majored in engineering at King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang. I made the varsity team, even though I wasn’t a player on scholarship or anything like that. Even though we never got to play in the final round of the University games, winning the Gear Games (a sporting event between engineering schools) in Chiangmai was memorable enough for me, even if it felt a bit flukey.When I graduated, I was working with Michelin and I got to play in different tournament around Chonburi, but I was never really playing as seriously as I am right now. Maybe a couple of tournaments outside the province every now and then but that was it. But while working in Chonburi, I got to play for the province in the National Games one time where we beat the mighty Bangkok team even though we weren’t a collection of top-level talent. So I was able to win two bronzes with Chonburi, but I also won each of the three medals playing for my hometown Nakhonsawan, too.The past 4 years, I’ve just been playing in a lot of tournaments everywhere. Whoever asks me, I say yes. Sometimes, I even go and ask them to just get to play (laughs).
高校では地区大会で優勝し全国大会に出場したのですが、それほど上にはいけませんでした。大学(モンクット王工科大学ラートクラバン校)では、エンジニア工学を専攻しました。そこで奨学金の対象ではなかったのですが、大学の代表チームに入ったんです。大学選手権の決勝ラウンドには出場できなかったものの、チェンマイでのGear Games(工学系学校同士のスポーツイベント)で勝ったことは忘れられないものになりました。(多少まぐれな部分もありましたが…)大学を卒業し、ミシュラン(タイヤメーカー)で働きながらチョンブリー(タイ東部)の色々な大会に出ていましたが、今のように真剣にやっていたわけではありませんでした。おそらくいくつかの大会は県外だったかもしれませんが、それだけでした。しかしチョンブリーで働いている間、一度県代表として全国大会でプレーしたことがあります。チームはトップレベルの選手たちを集めたわけではなかったのに、バンコクの強豪チームに勝ったのです。チョンブリーで2つの銅メダル、地元のナコンサワンで3つのメダルを獲得しました。過去4年間は誰に頼まれてもイエスと答え、どんな大会にも出場しました。時々私が頼んで参加してもらうこともあります。(笑)

-What is the attractive point of 3x3 for you?
I think it requires a lot of skill. The game is fast-paced and fun. There’s a lot of physicality, a lot of contact. There’s also the attraction of the game-winning shots, too. So you just have to be at it 100% all the time.

-What is your weekday job? and how did you get that job?
I’m just your regular 8-5 job guy in engineering. I get days off on weekends. At Michelin, I actually did my internship here so when I graduated, I started working here still until now.

-What is your motivation of work and play 3x3?

I love basketball. At the end of each work day, I play almost everyday still at a college near by. I think everyone runs into those crossroads where you have to choose in your life what you want to do. For me, I chose to focus on my studies first, but I left a part of that open to play basketball, too. So I was able to get a good job, while being able to do what I love – which is playing basketball, too. I might not be the ultimate goal like being in the NBA, but this was my choice from the start.

-What is your goal in business and 3x3 PREMIER player?
There’s work time and play time. When I do my job, I always want to do it well. But when I play basketball, I also want to get good results, too. That comes with practice that’ll make me better. We all want to be as good as we can be and go as far as we can go. All of that requires a lot of balancing.