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※English follows Japanese.

3x3.EXE PREMIER 2020は、先日発表いたしました通り、新型コロナウイルス感染拡大の影響により、すべての国と地域でレギュラーシーズン全日程を中止するとともに、開催可能な新たな枠組みの大会を検討し、国・地域単位で「3x3.EXE PREMIER 2020 CUP」を開催することを決定いたしました。
3x3.EXE PREMIER 2020 CUP」は、当初予定していた期間とは異なる開催となることから、各チームに対して既に確定しているロスターを変更できる特別措置を講じることといたします。


※3x3.EXE PREMIER 2020シーズンのプレーヤーリストに既に登録していた選手は継続してそのままリストに掲載されますので、新たに申請する必要はありません。

(2)リーグが承認する3x3の大会(3x3.EXE TOURNAMENT、FIBA承認3x3大会等)における成績上位者


【3x3.EXE PREMIER 2020 CUP 開催時期】2020年10月~2021年1月(予定)





We announced the other day that we decided to cancel 2020 regular season (include Tokyo Playoffs)because the spread of coronavirus infection in all host areas have not converged.
It’s a very disappointing decision, but it is very important to protect the health and safety of 3x3.EXE family
such as players,team owners, officials and our best fans.
However, the corona virus situation is changing in each country, and once the safety is confirmed, new competition,3x3.EXE PREMIER 2020 CUP (3x3 Tournament by country) will be started for each country from this summer.It will be held in Japan after October 2020.
Since it will be held differently than originally planned, we will take special measures to change the already confirmed roster for the team.
Therefore, from  July 1st, we will resume the entry of premier players and recruit new players.

【Qualification】Players who are at least 16 years old and older (Any Nationality Welcome) at the start of the season, and who have cleared one or more of the following conditions set by the league.
※3x3.EXE PREMIER 2020 Season players already registered on the player list will continue to be on the list and do not need to apply again.
(1)The players who played at PREMIER league within the last 3 years(Including TR players)
(2)The players who achieved top results in 3x3 tournaments approved by the league.
Example)3x3.EXE TOURNAMENT(Japan)、FIBA endorsed 3x3 competition
(3)The Players have belonged to professional foreign or Japanese team within 5 years.
(4)The players recommended by the PREMIER league.

【Application period】July 1st-August 7th 2020, 11:59pm in Japan time

【3x3.EXE PREMIER 2020 CUP Season】From October 2020 to January 2021(TBA)

【Application flow】
(1)Please confirm whether one of the application conditions is satisfied.
(2)The player who meet the conditions, please read carefully the notes and apply from the link below.
(3)After confirming the contents of the application, we will contact you by email ( from the 3x3.EXE PREMIER league about the availability of listing.
(4)The Player approved from the 3x3.EXE PREMIER league will be listed.(Players not approved will not be posted on the list.)

—After approved to be on the 3x3.EXE PREMIER Player’s list-
(5)We will show the Premier Player’s list to team owners from 11th of August to 4th of September. In the meantime, the team owner will contact players directly.
(6)If you agree with the contract that the owner provided, you will need to apply the name of the team to the league.*We will inform you the application method later.At the same time, the owner needs to apply the name of the player who agreed their contract.
(7)3x3.EXE PREMIER league will check the application information both the player and the team owner.
(8)After confirming by 3x3.EXE league, you will be confirmed to join the team.

【Application destination】

※If you have any questions, please contact ⇒