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Now basketball is not my whole life, but still is part of my life. / Rui Kuan, Lin


◤Rui Kuan, Lin

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-When did you play basketball and why did you dicided to play?

I started to play basketball when I was 13 years old, like every young boy does, I followed my brother to the basketball court and challenge those people stronger    than me. I experienced great sense of accomplishment when I shoot a basket. Since then, I can’t live without basketball.

-Tell us about your basketball experiences and career when you are in school?

The high school I went to, happened to form a basketball team at that time. The coach came to invite me to be part of the team, that was my first time to experience a real basketball training. One day, two of my friends and I signed up for a national 3x3 basketball competition, we went all the way down to the final unexpectedly, confronting to the players from pro league. We won the trophy and got a nice Buick car as a bonus eventually, it is the best memory of my basketball career.
When it comes to college, I played in Division 2 of UBA (University Basketball Association). I am a good player on the team, I could score more than 30 points in one game and led the team to go up to the Division 1. My performance in the UBA let me got the opportunity to enter the SBL (Super Basketball League) the pro league in Taiwan.

-What is the attractive point of 3x3 for you?

3x3 allow lot of physical collide, show more personal technical, you can do the movement just you want. Be creative and free.

-What is your weekday job? and how did you get that job?
With each passing day as a professional athlete, I realized that I am into the thirties now, and there are lot of young and strong boys are competing to join the pro league. To my way of thinking, it was the time to get into my next life chapter. Due to my wife and her aunty are running the family catering business, and I want to help them, whole family work as one.
Glutinous oil rice is one of Taiwan traditional cuisine, play an important role in our culture. If a baby is born after one month, the family will prepare glutinous oil rice to worship ancestors and deliver to those relatives. Thus, I stared to learn how to make glutinous oil rice, creating more method of sales, finding more distributors. I am happy and satisfy to work with family, spending time with them now.

-What is your motivation of work and play 3x3?
Now basketball is not my whole life, but still is part of my life. The spirt of sportsmanship is always challenging. I challenged to transfer my career. Now I got the opportunity to challenge 3x3 basketball. Whether the consequence is good or bad, I enjoy the games, the moment with teammate, win the chance to play overseas tournament. I am looking forward the new season comes.今、バスケットボールは私の人生のすべてではありません。しかし未だに人生の一部です。スポーツマンシップの精神は常にチャレンジングで、移籍にも挑戦しました。今は3x3に挑戦する機会を得ています。結果がよかろうが悪かろうが、試合を楽しみ、チームメイトとの時間を楽しみ、海外での大会のチャンスを勝ち取ってきました。新しいシーズンが来るのが楽しみです。