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My dream is to wear 5v5 and 3x3 national team uniforms. / Seung Jun Lee


Seung Jun Lee

Republic of Korea|ASIA WEST Conferences ENERSKIN.EXE

When did you start playing basketball?
I started playing when I was young, at 7yrs old because my little brother liked basketball more than soccer.

What is the best accomplishment in your basketball career?
Representing the Korean national team was definitely the best accomplishment of my career, being able to represent 5v5 and 3x3 wearing the national team uniform was always a dream of mine. That, and being able to play university, pro with my brother are the 2 most memorable experiences of my career.

-When did you first play 3x3 and what did you think about this new style of basketball?
I played 3x3 streetball as a kid in the states but FIBA 3x3 is different, I heard about this 4years ago and was very interested, actually the first thing I heard was about through league in Japan, EXE. At first it was difficult because it is so different from 5v5 but after my first tournament I was hooked, I had to play more.
子どものころにアメリカでストリートボールはやったことがありましたが、FIBA 3x3とは違いました。4年前にこのリーグで3x3のことを知って興味を持ちました。はじめは5人制と違う部分が多くて難しいと思っていましたが、初めてトーナメントに出場した時にハマってしまい、もっとプレーしたいと思いました。

You were on national team in 2019 and played at World Cup. How was that competition for you?
It was an amazing experience; the best teams in the world all coming together to compete, it is every athletes dream! It is definitely a memory that will live on for me, definitely looking forward to the next competition coming up!

r first play 3x3 in Japan was when you play for WILL.EXE. How was your impression playing in Japan?
I have always enjoyed playing in Japan, the fans are amazing and the games are always exciting, the basketball culture and appreciation is amazing and they take care of us so well, my impression was great as it always is there!

-In 2019 season, ENERSKIN.EXE and made playoff in Tokyo. Tell us about your team?
I am very blessed to have a support group like Enerskin (the company name has changed to 4Win) who loves basketball as much as I do and shares this passion. Our organization is a sports apparel and compression inner wear company so they support us with all the uniforms and necessities for competition as well as all he good food in Japan! Our team is comprised of former KBL players and friends, and we have to keep pushing the limits and bring our level up so we can keep competing with all the good team in Japan and the rest of the world.

-Tell us about your weekday job? 
We teach basketball for kids at some of the foreign schools in Seoul (after school programs) as well as TV when the opportunities come around.

How do you think playing at that final with some of the teams from other countries?
Seeing how other countries play is always great experience, to learn and grow, basketball is worldwide and this beautiful sport brings us all together.

Message to your 3x3.EXE PREMIER fan
Thank you for all the support and love, we will always do our best to keep hearing you cheer for us.