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If you love what you do you will never work a day in your life. / Tom Allan


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New Zealand|North Island Conferences SWISH.EXE

-When did you play basketball?
I started playing when I was 15 because I saw some guys playing in the playground at school. As soon as I started I was hooked.

-Tell us about your basketball experiences and career when you are in school?
My school was the only school in my town/ city so we had to travel very far to get games. Sometimes 3 hours. This meant we only had 2 games one season! I spent a lot of time playing one on one, playing against the men who lived in town and traveling 2 hours to play for a rep team.

-What is the attractive point of 3x3 for you?
I think it’s spacing on the court, more touches and the opportunities to travel and see new places. My motivation is to do what I enjoy. If you love what you do you will never work a day in your life.

-You have experiences playing FIBA event and came to Utsunomiya. Tell us your impression visiting Utsunomiya?
I love coming to Japan. Utsunomiya was the first place I ever visited and it was awesome. The food and local people were definitely the highlights. Playing 3x3 with my teammates in shrine that was founded about 1,600 years ago was very special experience. Also, our team had international exchange event with Junior High School students. As a sister city, Auckland and Utsunomiya, I was glad that I was able to learn about each other’s culture. I am looking forward to playing against 2019 champion, UTSUNOMIYA  BREX.EXE this coming season.
私は日本に来るのが大好きです。宇都宮は初めて訪れましたが、食事と地元の人々は最高でした。約1600年前に建立された神社でチームメイトとプレーすることは、非常に特別な経験でした。また、地元中学生との交流会も行いました。オークランドと宇都宮の姉妹都市として、お互いの文化を知ることができて良かったです。今シーズン、2019チャンピオンのUTSUNOMIYA BREX.EXEと対戦できることを楽しみにしています。

-What is your current job?and how did you get that job?
I am Physical Education teacher at high school. The reason why I chose this career is… I love all sports, so when it came to getting a job I wanted something that I would enjoy. I also knew it would be a good lifestyle for my family with the holidays. I enjoy teaching young people and playing sport with them. I want my students to know what they enjoy, and are passionate about so they can peruse further education in that area. I also want them to understand that they can get anywhere they want with hard work.

-What is your goal for this coming 2020 season?
My goal is to win the NZ North island conference and make it back to the final in Japan. This league is very competitive and very internationl. Also the stomospher in Tokyo Final 2019 was just great and can’t forget. I am really greatful to playing 3x3 in this league. Looking forward to seeing all players and fans soon!